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Do you need good lead lines in your production? A synthesizer, biting hard or teasing soft? A synthesizer, flexible to bend to any kind of synth sound? JellyFilter is the solution.

JellyFilter was copied from a red Swedish lead synth idol (which is available in 3 versions to my knowledge) and implies some more functionality, at some point less functionality.

Actually this is the first release, but it was build using technology and experience gained in a freeware DSP synthesizer, that was created by www.neuenberger.de as well.

Current download of jellyfilter is available under software.neuenberger.de

Technical details:

Polyphony / Timbrality:

4 voices per channel, 16 channels.


2 Oscillators with Controllable Unisono per Osc: Saw, Sine, Square, Pulse with PWM, Noise


24dB LowPass and Bandpass with resonance, Highpass, envelope amount and cutoff, possibility for self-resonance (protect your ears)


ADSR for the Amplifier section, ADSR for the Filter section.


Portamento, Distortion + Rough Option, FM OSC 2-> OSC 1, Sync Osc 1 to Osc 2


Attack Decay Envelope: Either to FM amount or to OSC 2

LFO: to OSC 1+2, to OSC 2, to Filter, to PW

talk bell
fm bass
fat pad
mad psycho
fat pad II
electric process
mad feedback
funky appregio
gangway move

Since a picture says more than 1000 words, I put a screenshot here for the time being.

Jellyfilter v2.0 Screenshot


16 May 2008: JellyFilter v2.1.1 available

An additional Distortion option called "Rough" was added to allow harder sounds. Check it out but protect your ears - especially in combination with the self Resonant Low Pass Filter Type II. Additionally the User manual was updated with the latest additions.
Sorry, no Mac version yet - I had too much work to do on "real work"


18 October 2007: JellyFilter v2.1 available

Finally it is there: The first release of JellyFilter. One problem was solved in which notes could virtually (but not audible) get stuck and thus cause CPU to waste precious power. The User manual was updated with a troubleshooting section.
Work on porting JellyFilter to Mac OS commenced last week.


06 October 2007: New Website Feature: Play Demo available, Audio Unit Support planned

Now at the very top of the website, beside HOME, downloads etc. you will notice a "Play Demo" Button which - on click opens a small audio player within a website that plays audios that have been generated using jellyfilter. It allows playing all available demos for that synth without the need of searching around the website or the internet what is available - enjoy!

Second news: Up until now JellyFilter was only supported on Windows® platforms (as VSTi®). Very soon (possibly starting next week) development of JellyFilter as an AudioUnit will commence. This will give users of a Mac®, and thus for users of Logic® Studio 8 or Logic® Studio Express 8 the ability to use JellyFilter. So be patient for a forthcoming version of JellyFilter!


28 July 2007: Audio Demo of JellyFilter v2.0 available

I now offer an mp3 sound file performed only by jellyfilter (+TigerDelay) :

  • Bassdrum
  • Bass Sound
  • Dynamic Filter Cutoff
  • Lead sound
  • Distortion and Energy

    27 July 2007: Beta version of JellyFilter v2.0 available

    JellyFilter was changed in the following way (since v2.0 Alpha):

  • Fixing Filters: Only the experimental Notch Filter needs some update now
  • Noise Frequency now has an effect on the sound
  • The LED Switch of the User Interface has been updated such that it correctly shows the current choice if the program changes
  • Updated the User Manual
  • Added "Energy" Parameter to enhance Distortion
  • Updated Patches: Snare, fm bass
  • Updated Oct Shift: Moved the Oct shift to the OSC section as a knob.

    11 July 2007: Alpha version update 1 of JellyFilter v2.0 available

    Some work has been done in order to achieve the following:

  • Fixing Filters: Only the experimental Notch Filter needs some update now
  • Noise Frequency now has an effect on the sound
  • The LED Switch of the User Interface has been updated such that it correctly shows the current choice if the program changes

    07 July 2007: Alpha version of JellyFilter v2.0 available

    I kept back the binaries of the polyphonic C++ version quite some time now, lying untouched on my Laptop if I don't have time and sometimes working on it as I have some leasure beside family and work.

    Since within a reasonable time the product can not be brought to a "perfect" state I give out the binaries for the alpha version for the following reasons:

  • The product works and it is mainly the UI that needs finishing
  • Filters need some enhanement
  • the remaining 30% need 70% of the effort (management rule)
  • So as of now I am working on making it beta.

    Furthermore I have created a manual which, at this very moment, shows MIDI implementation, Signal flow and the screenshots of each section with only little text. I am working on it.

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